August is based out of the North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

While growing up he was heavily influenced by Video Games and Anime, as well as Disco funk and Hip Hop. Now at the age of 23 he makes a "fun and cute" style of Future Bass/Jersey Club and Chiptune .

Using a program called LSDJ powered by the Nintendo Gameboy he fuses chiptune style music mixed live with Ableton to make his music. He has gained support from Tokyo net label Dos•ing and Portlands Phuture collective over the last year and plans to do much more in 2017.
August has shared the stage with the lovely Nothng Forevr crew:
The 1960 Sci-Fi Era, BK Beats & Reighnbeau For the Shrimp night Valentines party and the Dos•ing crew for their Spaced out Vol.2 w/ LLLL, Steffen Yoshiki, Kosmo Kat, Bruno Uesugi and, Electric Candy Sand.