Grip King Jamie

Jamie is a co-founder and creative director of Tokyo based art collective “Dreaming of Sleeping”. He is responsible for dosing's visual aesthetic, marketing and website creation, assisting in event planning as well as making appearances as a vocalist for a number of associated projects.  

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Jamie is traditionally trained in animation and has been working professionally in New Zealand, Europe and Japan for over 8 years as an artist.

Making good use of his studies in design and traditional animation, Tokyo based freelance artist Jamie Clydesdale concocts forward thinking, stylistically unorthodox pieces by combining elements of photography, illustration, graphic design, and animation. 
By combining these disciplines, Jamie aims to create surreal moving images unbound by the limits of reality that invoke a strong sense of emotion within the viewer.

His skills include Graphic design, Animation, Illustration, 3D, VJing, Web development, Fashion design, and Marketing amongst others.

To see more of his work or for freelance inquiries please refer to his portfolio website at


Dosingの共同経営写真であり、アートディレクター。 VJ,WebsiteからイベントのフライヤーまでDosingに関わるアートワークのほとんどは彼の作品であり、Dosingの視覚芸術の根幹を担っている


彼はアニメーション以外にもグラフィックデザインやイラストレーション、3D、VJ、Web開発、ファッションデザイン、マーケティング等マルチにこなすクリエイターである。 ジェイミーのアートワークはjamieclydesdale.comでも閲覧可