Jamie Clydesdale

Jamie is co-founder and art director of dosing. He is responsible for dosing's aesthetic and for creating every piece of promotional art released by dosing, as well as designing and coding this website.


Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Jamie is traditionally trained in animation and has been working professionally in New Zealand, Europe and Japan for over 8 years as an artist.

In 2016 Jamie relocated to Tokyo. Inspired by the overwhelming amount of talent surrounding him in Tokyo, Jamie continues to push himself to become a better artist, and develop his own unique style.

His skills include Graphic design, Animation, Illustration, 3D, VJing, Web development, Fashion design, and Marketing amongst others.


To see more of his work or for freelance inquiries please refer to his portfolio website at jamieclydesdale.com


Dosingの共同経営写真であり、アートディレクター。 VJ,WebsiteからイベントのフライヤーまでDosingに関わるアートワークのほとんどは彼の作品であり、Dosingの視覚芸術の根幹を担っている


彼はアニメーション以外にもグラフィックデザインやイラストレーション、3D、VJ、Web開発、ファッションデザイン、マーケティング等マルチにこなすクリエイターである。 ジェイミーのアートワークはjamieclydesdale.comでも閲覧可