Dreaming of Screaming "Reaper" Music Video

Following their recent successes in invigorating the Japanese hip hop and night life scene by working with international artists and organizations such as Smokepurpp and Redbull Music, Tokyo based artist collective and event production label Dosing (Dreaming of Sleeping) is hyped to announce its latest project featuring a collaborative effort by some of its resident artists SteffenYoshiki, stei, and dot.kai, similarly titled ‘Dreaming of Screaming.’ Their first track (one of many more to come) is appropriately titled ‘Reaper’ as the horror film inspired video and lyrics invoke in the listener feelings of havoc and hysteria while blurring the lines between metal and hip hop. The dystopian, low fidelity aesthetics emulate a mosh pit-opening neo Tokyo blair witch project accompanied by distorted, heavy hitting synth hooks and bass cuts topped off with hostile and aggressive vocals.

You can catch dosing perform this and other bangers live at a number of upcoming events featuring similar popular and up and coming artists this March.


Venue: Shibuya O-nest
Open: 17:00 Close: 21:30

3/25 -「Tohji presents Platina Ade」
Venue: WWW 
Open: 18:00 Close: 23:00


dosing - reaper [prod. steffenyoshiki] from the upcoming project “Dreaming of Screaming”

steffen¥oshiki []
dot.kai []
stei []

editor : Jamie Clydesdale []
camera 1 : Yaona Sui []
camera 2 : Zono []

recorded at J.Studio []

styling by the The Viridi-anne []

Special thanks to tohji []
calumecs []
ElenaMidori []

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