Dreaming of Screaming EP

Dreaming of Screaming EP OUT NOW

Dreaming of Screaming [Self Titled EP] OUT NOW!

01 The World Ends Here [prod. calumecs] 
02 Reaper [prod. SteffenYoshiki] 
03 Purgatory 2.0 ft. TYOSiN [prod. stei] 
04 Killswitch [prod. SteffenYoshiki] 
05 Red Oct ft. Tohji [prod. dosing]

Dreaming of Screaming is a new collaborative project exploring the genre of Trap Metal from various members of Dosing. “Dreaming of Screaming” draws inspiration from HXC Metal and East Coast Trap bangers. Combining live distorted guitars, heavy 808 bass and thrashy percussion topped off by aggressive southern trap vocal flows delivered with a raw energy similar to punk and hardcore.

Dreaming of Screaming はDosingのメンバーによる、新たなバンドプロジェクト。HXC Metal, East coast trapからのインスピレーションを独特な解釈でトラップメタルに落とし込んでいる。
今回のEPは客演に現在の日本HIPHOPシーンにおける最注目人物のTohji, Emo Rapのパイオニアと称されるTYOSiNを迎える!

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