Teddy Robinson x DOT.KAI - Wet Feet EP

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Teddy Robinson x DOT.KAI - Wet Feet



  1. Martel Cartel

  2. In the Civic

  3. Can’t Walk Can’t Talk

  4. Fine China

  5. Callin’ the Birds (feat. Seeda)       


In an unexpected team up, producer/vocalist Teddy Robinson and trap metal rapper DOT.KAI join forces to present a genre fluid project to their listeners. Ranging from the dreamy vapor-esque sounds of Martel Cartel, to the hard hitting excitement and energy of Callin’ the Birds, Teddy and DOT.KAI exercise the full dynamics of both of their musical abilities while preserving a keen synchronization throughout.


The distinct acoustics both artist bring to the project are accentuated by the appearance of multiple gold hit Dutch record producer Moker_B on “In the Civic” and “Callin’ the Birds” with veteran Tokyo OG Seeda also lending vocals to the latter. Departing from both of their typical sounds, Teddy and DOT.KAI push forward sonically to carve out a new path together, combining the highlights of their respective backgrounds.


DOT.KAI, while stepping away from his Tokyo based band “Dreaming of Screaming”’s darker trap metal sound, preserves a grittiness and punk-inspired energy throughout the project––complimenting Teddy’s suave attitude and clean, refreshing delivery over wavy mid-tempo beats. Wet Feet promises not only to be a unique entry into the growing field of alternative rap, but an evolution and progress for both artists as they continue to refine their unique styles in the future. 


Teddy Robinson x DOT.KAI - Shelltoes M/V



Teddy Robinson


Originally a producer, Teddy Robinson debuted as a vocalist on the track "The Devil In The Detail", a song that would go on to be a staple on Lo-Fi Tapes and playlists in the sub genre. With his sleek vocals and essentials-only approach to songwriting, Teddy is paving the way for a new sort of flex in hiphop; Minimalism.


Teddy Robinson - The Devil in the Detail




Hailing from North Carolina, DOT.KAI currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. Under the net label Dosing, DOT.KAI has released two projects prior–20XXHATE (his first dosing solo EP), and the self titled band EP “Dreaming of Screaming.” The latter, featuring well known Tokyo artist Tyosin and Tohji, was well received in both Japan and South Korea’s trap scenes. 


Dreaming of Screaming - Red Oct ft. Tohji


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