We are dosing.

Dreaming of Sleeping

"dosing (short for Dreaming of Sleeping) are a Tokyo-based collective of artists and musicians designing dreamscapes with the insomniac in mind, drawing inspiration from the shackles of sleep deprivation. The innovators at dosing deliver a welcomed breath of life into the Tokyo underground nightlife scene by producing and promoting forward-thinking art/music and organizing events previously only conceivable in dreams."

We at dosing love art in all it's forms, especially great music. We are constantly searching for new, interesting sounds and talented individuals who are pushing the boundaries of their art locally and all over the world. Our aim is to provide a platform to support these artists and we do so by constantly throwing bigger and better parties to showcase this wide array of talent. By reaching out and further expanding our sphere of influence, we are increasingly capable of supporting artists whose talents deserve to be appreciated in parts of the world they may previously have not had access to.

If you're also a lover of art, great music or simply enjoy being in the company of talented young people from all over the world, then look no further because you'll fit right in at the next dosing event!

ドリーミングオブスリーピング dosing(Dreaming of sleepingの略称)は東京を拠点にした日夜不眠症に悩まされているアーティスト、ミュージシャンのコレクティブである。

dosingは常に才気と気力に溢れたクリエイターを渇望している、もし我こそはというアーティスト、ミュージシャン、etc..(表現の方法は問わない)の方がいれば我々にぜひ連絡していただきたい! 私たちは世界にあなたのクリエイションを発信するために存在しているのだから。


If you have any inquiries, please contact us on the social media of your choice or email us directly at info@dosing.jp